Frequently Asked Questions

Ludi et Veritas is an official Yale Club that regularly meets to play board games, and also promotes and organizes events around board games. In brief, we are a board game club!

YES! Joining us is TOTALLY free.

We are open to anybody willing to join. We are a mix of undergrad and grad students, postdocs, faculty, staff, and even Yale outsiders. If you want to join us, just do it! 

The term “board game” refers to a specific type of tabletop game (you play on a table), for which the gameplay mainly rests on interactions between players and a board, using dice, cards or any other tokens created specifically for the game.

Ludi et Veritas welcomes any player ranging from the curious new player to the hardcore gamer. Rest assured that if you have never played any board game (or have only played casually) and you are interested to join us, the members of the club will be happy to teach you how to play some new games. On the other hand, if you are an advanced player looking to find others to play some of your favorite games, we are up to the challenge. Ludi et Veritas is a very friendly and open community, and our only goal is to have fun around board games.

No. Games are often associated with childhood, but the games we play at Ludi et Veritas are usually beyond kids’ interests. Nevertheless, any kid willing to step up his/her game skills is welcome. In our weekend events at OISS, families with kids may find some games for the young ones.

No! Just come! This is a common misconception associating nerds/no-life with the term “gaming”. The vast majority of players are totally casual and relatable. True, you can surely find some stereotypes in any community, but Ludi et Veritas is a melting pot of people coming from around the world, men and women. Consequently, the only languages you won’t understand would be the ones spoken by people from other countries!

We play almost any kind of board game you’ve ever heard of, from social/party games to hardcore strategy games. You can find more details in this article. Note that we tend not to play traditional family games like “Monopoly” or “The Game of Life”. We have nothing against these games, but we focus mainly on games with better strategic mechanics, depth, interaction, variety, and fairness than the popular classics. If you don’t know what kind of games we are talking about, just swing around one of our meetings to test some of them!

Please bring it! You may find other gamers willing to play your game. At Ludi et Veritas, we are constantly looking for new games to play. 

The regular meetings are each Friday, 5.30pm-9.00pm at the OISS (421 Temple Street), and every other Saturday, 5.00pm-very late at the School of Medicine (333 Cedar Street, Room SHM C125A). We have also several events scheduled throughout the year, so stay tuned to our calendar page here.

It could happen that our regular meeting may get canceled for various reasons (holidays, rooms scheduled for other events, etc.) The best way to meet us for sure is to contact us before coming via our website or by subscribing to our Facebook page “Ludi et Veritas” following this link.