About Us


Ludi et Veritas is an official Yale board gaming club, registered with the Yale Office of the Secretary and through the McDougal Center. Our goal is to bring people together to play board games. We meet regularly to play and teach board games that promote the social interaction, intellectual stimulation, and just plain fun that comes out of unplugging from our busy lives. Most of our events are organized in close collaboration with the Office of International Students and Scholars



If you have any questions, please send us an email


Club Presidents:

My name is Nathan Nguyen and I am a PhD student in the Cell Biology department. I come from the faraway land known as California where I played Dungeon & Dragons for a long long time. I got into gaming as a young child and I love all kinds of card/board/video game, especially strategy and intrigue genres. Working with Francesc Lopez, our goal for Ludi et Veritas is to provide a recreational and leisure atmosphere for Yale students and employees. we hope to host more fun events this school year for you all with the help from OISS, McDougal GSL, and GPSS. If you want to contribute in a anyway to the club or write an article then please contact us. Any suggestion or help would be greatly appreciated!



Type of activities planned for the year

-       Board game nights: Regular board game nights will be held at Yale HGS or OISS. Over the past year we've held weekly game nights with the support of OISS.

-       Big social nights: We plan to organize board game nights at HGS in which we will play social games which allow 10-30+ players to play simultaneously; these will be great opportunities to socialize and make new friends.

-       Board game days (6+ hours): We have successfully organized board game days at OISS several times with over 60 people participating. Friends and family are invited. We will continue organizing these events with the support of OISS and now with HGS.

-       Tournaments: We are planning to organize friendly board game tournaments. Prizes will be covered by a small participation fee.

-       Fundraiser/Charitable events: We anticipate using some of our board game days or tournaments as opportunities to do good in the community. In December 2015, we raised over $650 and collected many toys for the Yale-New Haven Children's Hospital through our Board Games for a Cause event.