Best Game 2016-2017: Ludi et Veritas’ Choice Award

May 21, 2017

Tell us which games you had the most fun playing with us in this academic year 2016-17. The winning game will get the prestigious 2016-17 Ludi et Veritas Best Game Award... in a shape of ... an avocado. In addition, we will do our best to include your favorites in our usual game raffles for TableTop days. BTW, the next one will be July 29th!

To determine the winner, please vote for your top three favorite games from 2016-17 below. When we tally the results, first-place votes will receive 5 points; second-place votes will receive 3 points; and third-place votes will receive 1 point. If you vote for the same game 3 times, we will only consider the first vote. Be sure to scroll down to see all games: