2016 TableTop Day Fall Edition Recap

October 19, 2016

What a busy day that Saturday Oct. the 8th was! With so many participants playing all around the OISS office, our host and one of our loyal sponsor, the gaming atmosphere reached its 2016 climax! (so far… ;) ).

We were 95 gamers… 95!!!!!!! with new comers as well as gaming veterans, ages covering few to not so few years, an incredible diversity of people… wow! that was something. We are happy to see our gamer community growing always more over time. We hope we won’t stop here and that for the next event, we will pass the iconic step of the hundred of participants (just for the glory and fame!).

We are thankful to all the participants, which made these events a big success every time!

We hope the 4 winners of our game raffle are happy with their new games and will be now teaching us how to master them! 

Also, we celebrated our third second full Splendor tournament. In this second edition, Alexander was crowned victor. Congratulations to him, but also to all the participants that made this tournament exciting until the very end. 

Last but not least, we are also deeply grateful to our sponsors the OISS and the GPSS, without which these events would not be what they are.

See you for our next event fellow gamers! In the meantime don’t forget to stay tune with our calendar page to meet us at our regular meetings (weekly on Fridays, bi-monthly on Saturdays).